Material Design theming creates unique branded products with familiar patterns and accessible interactions.

collage of views of a mobile UI that show a user's setting and preference for
a green primary color flows through system UI

Material is expressed in design tokens, which are the building blocks of all UI elements.

Each component token maps to a system token, which has a concrete reference value.

A diagram showing the heirachy of component tokens to system tokens to

On the web, design tokens are CSS custom properties and can be scoped with CSS selectors.

.square-buttons {
  /* Changes all <md-filled-button> instances matching the selector */
  --md-filled-button-container-shape: 0px;

Reference tokens hold concrete values, such as a hex color, pixel size, or font family name.

--md-ref-typeface tokens can be used to change font families and weights across all system and component tokens.

:root {
  --md-ref-typeface-brand: 'Open Sans';
  --md-ref-typeface-plain: 'Open Sans';

MWC does not currently support --md-ref-palette tokens.

System tokens define decisions and roles that give the design system its character, from color and typography, to elevation and shape.

--md-sys-color tokens define dynamic color roles that map to components. See the color guide for more details.

:root {
  --md-sys-color-primary: red;
  --md-sys-color-secondary: blue;

--md-sys-typescale tokens define typescale roles that map to components. See the typography guide for more details.

:root {
  --md-sys-typescale-body-medium-size: 1rem;
  --md-sys-typescale-body-medium-line-height: 1.5rem;

--md-sys-shape tokens define corner shapes used in components. See the shape guide for more details.

:root {
  --md-sys-shape-corner-small: 4px;
  --md-sys-shape-corner-medium: 6px;
  --md-sys-shape-corner-large: 8px;

MWC does not currently support --md-sys-motion tokens.

Component tokens are design attributes assigned to elements. They can be system tokens or concrete values.

:root {
  --md-filled-button-container-shape: 0px;

md-filled-button.error {
  --md-filled-button-container-color: var(--md-sys-color-error);
  --md-filled-button-label-text-color: var(--md-sys-color-on-error);

Refer to each components' documentation for available tokens.


unlike --md-ref-* and --md-sys-* tokens, which are prefixed with ref and sys, component tokens are not prefixed with comp.

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